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Pet scan and biopsy results

Hi friends

i am posting to update you on results of the biopsy on my thigh i got today.

Pet scan results showed I have multiple nodules in both lungs, the pelvis near kidney, bladder and colon. But no sign of recurrence of anal cancer in the original area.

So the biopsy of the thigh showed that I have melanoma and been referred to a melanoma specialist for immunotherapy. Its so strange as I ave had no skin changes that I am aware of. The nodule in the thigh is underneath the muscle and i havent been aware Of it.

So its completely separate from the origial ac. The ac treatment worked as it is not a recurrence.
so to newbies out there, the one good thing about ac treatment is that IT WORKS!





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Anne, Sending you positivity and a big hug..I'm going to take this as good news for you--no sign of reoccurrence(yay!) and hoping that the melanoma can easily be treated and the nodules are benign.Keep us posted.
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So sorry you have this to deal with now. I send good thoughts and prayers for you.
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So sorry you are having to deal with melanoma now, Anne. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way.
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So sorry you are having to deal with this right now when our healthcare system is so crazy. Sending you hugs, love, and prayers
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This must have come as quite the shock, what a strange turn with the melanoma. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this. Big hugs being sent your way!
Thanks Kim x
We are here for you! Love and hugs
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WOW...please let us know how the therapy for the melanoma works...It's hard to stay out of the sun in the Australian summer! and hoping that these nodules are benign...ovarian tumors showed up on my PET scans, and I had them removed...fortunately turned out benign....yours too!!!
Hi Helen Yes im shocked as I dont know where The melanoma started. I see a specialis Melanoma doctor via video link on Monday. I am expecting to have immunotherapy. I sent many years on summer holidays at the beach in the sun. No sunscreen in those days. Busting to get a tan as much as possible not realising the dangers.
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Prayers 🙏 May treatment be easy and take care of any cancer.
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Is it from the radiation you had for the AC? My radiation doctor told me that I have a chance of getting cancer in another place because everything around the AC is getting hit by radiation.
Hi that's a good question. Maybe I will find out after the specialist on Monday. Originally it was going to be a video consult but the doctor then changed and wants me to go in to the hospital. I do have a mole in that area. Last time i asked the doc said it looked ok. Im thinking maybe I should have had it removed my treatment was in 2013
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Pet scan results

Got the pet scan results today. Still not a clear picture of whats going. I have nodules in both lungs, near left kidney, near colon and in right thigh. The next thing is to get a biopsy of the nodule in my thigh. 
it still maybe cancer or sarcoidosis. So have to wait and see. The Oncologist said its best to take it step by step. 
I've got a copy of the results. Two pages long but dont understand a lot of the terminology. 

Annabelle threw a punch at your cancer.
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Here you hope to get an answer from the PET scan, and now it's back to more waiting. So sorry, Anne, but hang in there. We're all here for you. Hugs.
Thanks Mari 💛
Prayers for good results 🙏
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I hope everything turns out ok - the waiting is so hard! I wish they could find more sensitive scans and tests - all the steps you need to go through now make it excruciating. Prayers for you🙏🏼
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Sorry you are back in waiting mode. Tough spot to be. Positive thoughts! Hugs and prayers coming your way!!! 💙🙏🏼
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The waiting is hard for sure. Sending positive energy your way, along with love and hugs.
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Sending you positive energy through thoughts and prayers. Hugs.
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So sorry you and your doctors are still looking for answers. Sending prayers that you will know something soon so a treatment plan can be made. Sending prayers.
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Hope you can get your team to go through it with you and translate! Sending you hugs while you wait for more news. And I'm sorry to read about the COVID wave in Melbourne...
Thanks Helen. It’s not a good time to be going to hospitals at this time. The hospital where I had the pet scan has infected staff and staff in quarantine. Need to be super careful. 🤞🏻
OH, wow...cannot imagine! BE SAFE!!!
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